Our Smart Touring Platform

will revolutionize the way you collaborate, plan, book and track your tours


We are independent artists and those who love independent artists. We are firm believers that you and your fellow musicians have MOST of the resources you need on the road to give you a successful touring experience. So that's what we aim to do--connect you to one another so you can show-swap, share insider tips for your town, meet new fans nationwide and return the favor for your new band-buddies when they come to your town. We are brand new and have stellar developments in store, so be sure to sign up for an account today and follow us on social media for all the exciting details. Cheers to your success!


Communication made easy based on your genre and preferences.


Route planning organized for your convenience.


With local artists in the city of your choice. Get their local experience with their existing relationships. Expand your fan base and don’t forget to return the favor when they come to your town.


Stats, mileage, revenue. Data to help you increase your success and Tour Smarter.


What does touring mean to you? An opportunity to play in front of new fans? See new places? Create some great memories with your bandmates with never ending shenanigans? Meet fellow hard working musicians in other areas? Be inspired to write amidst all of these things?? And all the band peeps said, “AMEN!!” Touring IS the musicians’ ultimate adventure and one worth experiencing many times over.

But what does it take for you to plan a tour as an independent artist? A LOT, countless hours of emailing, phone calls, hunting down local acts in each town, hoping you’re picking a good venue that will pay what they say, attempting to promote from the road as best you can, break even AND make it home without the van dying on ya.

We are here to help you streamline, save time, keep more money in your pocket, and make the best decisions for your group. Whether that be a mini-tour, or a major tour, we can help. As our pal Les says, “you want a service that celebrates the magic of making music".

You want to tell everyone about

  • That time the Dudebro Trio helped you change a flat on the ole battle wagon even though they had another show the next day 7 states away.
  • That time your drummer forgot extra sticks and your lead guitarist blasted his last D string and local artist Funktown Monopoly hooked you up with supplies.
  • That time the venue, Rainbow Lollipop Lightning Storm, took a bag of Skittles and artfully crafted your band's logo on the back room table.

You want to celebrate sharing music. You want others to celebrate sharing music, and you want to help others celebrate. And most importantly, you want that to be easy. GiG{a}BiT Rocks is here for you.

This is about Community, Collaboration, and ultimately, Conquering your road experience. So All Aboard!! Welcome to the family and let’s make some rockin’ memories.

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